Think You Know Everything About One Punch Man? Take Our Trivia Quiz to Find Out


One Punch Man took the world by storm when it released back in 2015, as its unique brand of humor and satire really struck a chord with viewers. Even today, the show still stands as one of the best anime on television, thanks to its amazing characters and awesome stories.

For those who haven’t seen the show, it follows Saitama, a part-time hero that is able to defeat villains in simply one punch. As a result of this, he’s constantly looking for someone to challenge him and help him get out of the boring rut that comes alongside being too good at something you once found fun.

Along his journey, he meets plenty of other heroes and villains, though none are able to match up to his sheer brute strength. So far, we’ve only gotten two seasons, but there are certainly more to come in the future thanks to the success it has seen so far.

As a means of celebrating the show’s continued success, we put together a quiz that is sure to test even the most dedicated of One Punch Man fans. So get your superhero suits everyone! It is time to see just how much you know about the anime in our trivia quiz below.

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(Image Source: Viz Media via Crunchyroll)

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