The best robot lawn mowers 2021: Which one should I buy?

To be honest if your lawn is this big, you can probably afford to pay a human to cut it for you (

Spring is almost upon us and, if you’re lucky enough to have a lawn, you’re probably thinking it’s about time for a trim.

The good news is that automation isn’t just reserved for car factories and text message prompts. It’s here to take care of your garden.

Just like robotic vacuums keeping our carpets tidy, you can snag a robotic mower that’ll take all the hard work out of lawn maintenance.

We’ve rounded up three of the best and stacked them up to see what each of their strengths are.

Snap one of these up as the days get longer and your garden (or partner) will thank you.

More time left over for barbecues and drinks on the patio.

Best for bigger lawns: Honda Miimo 40

The Honda Miimo 40

This multi-functioning smart mower charms with its simple four-step set-up process, which maps your garden layout, calculates its size and then creates a mowing calendar, all at the touch of a button.

By far the smoothest machine to watch on this list, it handles those green corners like Lewis Hamilton on a sit-on.

The Honda website boasts a ‘lawn planner’ that locates your garden on Google Maps and simulates how the Miimo will work to its best.

It’s waterproofed too, so pesky British summers will not be an issue here.


Best for neatness: Bosch Indego S+ 350

The Bosch Indego S+ 350

Bosch’s autonomous device neatly trims lawns with perimeters ranging from 3m² to 350m², making it ideal for smaller, urban properties.

Cutting incredibly tight to the edge, the LogiCut navigation system is impressively efficient, mapping out up to three areas at any one time and then mowing in tidy parallel lines.

The ‘30 per cent faster’ than a push-mower claim is hard to quantify but the schedule configuration (via Bosch’s easy-to-follow app) certainly saves time on those trips to the (messy) shed.

There are tilt, lift, rollover and collision sensors but no rain sensor.


Best for families: WORX Landroid S300

The WORX Landroid S300

It might look like a Transformer with a hangover but the competitively priced Worx is a real workhorse (Worx-horse?), heading out automatically every day to trim the grass in 20 to 40 minutes.

It’s also on top of the weather with a rain sensor that pauses the Worx until the software gives the all-clear.

With good shelter, this is a device you can literally install and leave on charge.

If you regularly change your garden set-up, the addition of the Anti Collision System for about £200 adds sensors to avoid larger temporary obstacles, like paddling pools.


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