Stunned Tesco shopper orders bag of apples, gets iPhone

Tesco Mobile has a very tasty promotion running at the moment (Getty)

A Tesco customer was left stunned when the bag of apples he ordered turned out to contain an Apple iPhone.

Nick James, 50, was astounded when he found the pricey iPhone SE gadget hidden away in his click and collect order.

Mr. James was picking up his groceries from his local Tesco Express in Twickenham when he was told there was a ‘surprise’ in his bag.

The surprise was part of a ‘Super Subs’ promotion being run by Tesco Mobile, giving away iPhones, Samsung phones and AirPods with random orders.

So, lucky shoppers may find an Apple gadget instead of an apple or a Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet instead of tablets of laundry detergent.

Nick let the retailer know he was pretty happy with being picked, and tweeted out a picture of his prize this week.

‘A big thanks this week to Tesco and Tesco Mobile,’ he wrote.

‘On Wednesday evening we went to pick up our click and collect order and had a little surprise in there – an Apple iPhone SE.

‘Apparently we ordered apples and randomly got an apple iPhone! Made my son’s week!’

Go in for groceries, come out with a phone. Not bad. (Getty)

Tesco Mobile is giving away 80 items in total until April 18 at a handful of stores.

Winners are chosen at random, and you need to purchase certain items to be in with a chance of getting a ‘super substitute’.

Here’s the full list:

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