Return of the monoliths? Alien structure appears on Spanish beach

The metallic monolith that appeared on Sa Conca beach in Spain this week (Credits: EPA)

Another shimmering silver monolith has appeared, seemingly at random, at a Spanish beach on the coast of the Mediterranean.

The structure appears identical to the ‘alien’ monoliths that appeared in locations across the world in late 2020 and early 2021.

It was found on the Sa Conca beach on the famous Costa Brava coast in Catalonia on Tuesday. Which, hopefully, rules it out as an April Fools’ joke.

This Spanish monolith, which measures a reported two metres (6.5 feet), was found by beachgoers enjoying the warm weather.

Local media picked up on its appearance but couldn’t say who placed the monolith there or why.

The two-meter height sculpture is similar to the monolith that was found in Utah desert last November. (Credits: EPA)
People photograph the latest monolith on the beach in Spain (AFP)

A member of the Arocinema association, which shared the photographs online, told Newsflash: ‘I was running up to Sa Conca beach at around eight in the morning and when I got there I saw it. That’s all I know.’

It’s unclear what the Spanish authorities will do with this latest monolith (AFP)

Is this the start of a monolith comeback?

The original monolith surfaced in the Utah desert in America in November 2020 – which led some people to believe it could have been proof of aliens.

A community called ‘The Most Famous Artist’ founded by American artist Matty Mo later claimed credit for it.

Perhaps because of the way 2020 was going, the monolith unwittingly started a global movement.

The tall structures have been found all over the place including the United Kingdom, Austria, the Netherlands, Colombia, Paraguay, among many other countries.

There were a lot of monoliths that appeared around the world (

The monoliths captured the imagination because of their similarities to the science fiction film ‘2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) which initially fed into the theory that it was aliens.

It is unclear what Spanish authorities plan to do with their latest monolith.

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