Project Athia Gets Official Title Name Forspoken

Project Athia Gets Official Title Name Forspoken

Square Enix unveiled new details about Project Athia which was its working title, now called Forspoken.

Project Athia Gets Official Title Name Forspoken

A new trailer released today unveiled the new title for Project Athia, now called Forspoken. Square Enix first revealed the project back in 2020, which is being developed by Luminous Productions.

Forspoken is described as “a narrative-driven adventure,” according to Square, starring Frey Holland, who is voiced by actor Ella Balinska.  Frey finds herself in a “stunningly beautiful, but also cruel and deadly” land of Athia. Discovering magical abilities, Frey will need to use them to survive this adventure, as yes there is a “mother f*cking dragon”.

Forspoken will only be available on Playstation 5 as it is designed in the platform in mind, “taking advantage of the new console’s power and features to create a game that feels like a true next-gen experience” according to Square Enix.

Forspoken (previously Project Athia) will release on Playstation 5 in 2022.

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