Prescription Video Game Could Help People Who’ve Had Covid


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Researchers are testing whether a video game can help treat the cognitive effects of covid-19. A study uses the game EndeavorRx, which, last June, became the first video game requiring a prescription to play.

EndeavorRx is currently used to treat children with ADHD. As reported by The Verge, Weill Cornell Medicine neuropsychologist Faith Gunning is testing the game on adults who have experienced cognitive difficulties after having had covid-19. These symptoms can include difficulties with attention and memory.

“We don’t think everybody who’s recovering from COVID-19 needs cognitive intervention,” Gunning told The Verge. “But there is enough data that suggests that a significant number of people who have suffered from COVID-19 will have some cognitive issues.”

Gunning noted that one of the strengths of a game-based intervention is that it can be more engaging than traditional methods, which she said can be “boring.”

Whether the game itself is any fun is probably a matter of personal taste, especially given its audience of kids. But gaming has seen a huge leap in popularity during the pandemic, helping people stay connected to each other or deal with being sick.

“A video game is also scalable,” Gunning said. “It’s something that can be given to lots of people. We need things we can get out into the community. Even if it’s a small subset of people who had COVID-19, the sheer number of people who had COVID-19 means we need interventions that are effective and can be disseminated widely.” 

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