PlayStation China Showcase Event Coming Next Week


The Chinese arm of Sony Interactive Entertainment is going to host one of its showcase events next week, on April 29.

The Chinese arm of Sony Interactive Entertainment is going to host one of its showcase events next week.

To be more precise it’ll happen at 11:00 Beijing Time on April 29. This translates to 4:00 am BST, 5:00 am CEST, 11:00 pm on the 28th EDT, and 8:00 pm PDT.

The announcement was relayed by the official Twitter account of Sony’s China Hero Project, which serves as an incubator initiative for many games and studios from the country.

Do keep in mind that the correct date is the 29th even if the tweet says “27th.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the China Hero Project, here’s an official description directly from Sony.

“China Hero Project (CHPJ)”is a program based on PlayStation platform, which strongly support Chinese funded game developers (mainly start-ups) to enter the whole Chinese and global market, committing to” create a successful game works (=star) worldwide” and “cultivation and development of Chinese game industry.

The project is supported by partners such as Epic Games, Inc., CRI Middleware, Digital Hearts HLDGS., Silicon Studio,Streamline Studios、WACOM、 Unity Technologies (Shanghai) Limited, who look to further increase on Chinese console game market, and provide development techniques of game engine, middleware etc. and debug services in order to improve the quality of game for Chinese game developers. In addition, Whiz Partners provides financial support for CHPJ.

A key point of view for the program’s target enterprise and team is that the project and team should not only be applicable to development in Chinese market, but also in global market.”

Among the games presented at this kind of event, we have seen Lost Soul Aside, Hardcore Mecha, F.I.S.T.,Anno Mutationem, Boundary, Convallaria, Ran: Lost Islands, and many more. Some of them even expanded beyond PlayStation platforms with time.

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