Monster Hunter World Board Game Kickstarter Surpassed $1.5 Million in One Day

The Kickstarter for Monster Hunter World The Board Game surpasses $1.5 million in just one day after its launch.

Monster Hunter World Board Game Kickstarter Surpassed $1.5 Million in One Day

The Kickstarter for Monster Hunter World board game hasn’t been out long and has already passed the $1.5 million mark. The board game takes the beloved Action-RPG and puts it into tabletop form. The game follows a choose-your-own-adventure quest book, complete with gathering resources, avoiding pitfalls and hunting down monsters with 1 to 4 players.

The tabletop was first announced last summer by Steamforged, designed as a strategy board game where players have a limited number of options when hunting a particular monster in certain locations. One particular monster included is the mighty Rathalos which gets its miniature piece represented on the board. Hunters will make their way towards the monster and try to deal damage, and gain bonus rewards depending on the monster parts they aim for. Resulting in rewards to help craft more weapons to hunt even more dangerous monsters that yield even higher returns. This strongly follows the Monster Hunter franchise main idea.

The Kickstarter project launched recently on April 20th, reaching its original goal of $210,028 in just 10 minutes. The Kickstarter has now yielded over $2.6 million in backing, with over 10,500 backers already pledging to support the project. The project has 8 more days to go, making this Kickstarter project already pretty successful in seeking its funding.

Those who back the project will be able to get an exclusive Great Sword miniature which is only available by backing the Kickstarter. Interestingly there are no stretch goals for this campaign, but daily log in bonuses adding to every Core and All-In Pledge for free. There are also add-ons which you can add to your backing.

Steamforged has covered a number of different game adaptations in the past, including Dark Souls: The Board Game, Dark Souls: The Card Game, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game, Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace and more.

The estimated delivery for the Monster Hunter World: The Board Game is September 2022. If you want to help support this project there are 8 more days to go.

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