Instagram: How to get more followers on the photo-sharing platform

Is your Insta-game on point? (Picture: Getty)

Though TikTok is the new kid on the block, Instagram remains a dominant force on social media.

From surprise celebrity announcements to posts that break the internet, Instagram is where a lot of news and trends break.

The photo-sharing platform is also a great place to get inspiration, and to get exposure. Whether you’re an artist, a stylist, an actor or musician, getting seen on Instagram can open many doors.

So – whether you’re after your big break or just want a bigger follower count – how do you get more followers in Instagram?

Follow more people

A simple but effective step is to simply follow more people, specifically those who post similar content to your interests.

Instagram uses an algorithm that shows posts that seem relevant to a user’s interests in the Search page.

These posts are from people you don’t follow, but are relevant to accounts or posts you have interacted with.

Follow people with similar interests to your page (Picture: Getty)

Therefore, the more people you follow, the more likely you are to appear in the Search page for relevant trends and subjects.  

Keep a consistent content schedule

Trying to keep to a regular schedule is one way to keep your audience growing.

Knowing when to expect a new post will keep your page active, and will increase your chance of appearing in suggested searches.

Social media management experts Hootsuite state this as one of the most important steps.

They write: ‘No matter what you want to achieve, it’s important to maintain a consistent brand personality and look.

‘Your posts should be easily recognisable at a glance. Think of your Instagram grid as one cohesive unit. You can always use Instagram Stories to share content that doesn’t quite fit with the look and feel of your main feed.’

Understand your audience

A sure way to lose followers is to try and catch them all – one size doesn’t fit all on social.

If your aesthetic and profile is fashion based, suddenly posting about something completely irrelevant will put your existing followers off, and not attract any new ones in your relevant interest groups.

So, while the occasional deviation is fine – if you’re reacting to something in the news or just starting a new hobby – try to keep your core content strategy defined and relevant.

Use hashtags and relevant keywords

There are more technical tips for growing your social media accounts, and these follow similar practices to SEO (search engine optimisation) which help website visibility and success.

Hashtags can help you connect to your key audience. (Picture: Getty)

It can be useful to include the most relevant keyword or term in the field where you enter your name to improve discoverability based on search.

For example, if your name is Bob Jones and you’re a travel writer, you could write ‘Bob Jones. Travel writer.’

Similarly, the most searchable content on Instagram is the hashtags you add to a post. These should be kept specific to your post and the greater subject area you’re involved in, such as #travel, #travelwriting, #travelreviews.

Anyone looking for fellow travel writers and travel profiles will find you when searching those hashtags.

Tag your content

If you’re particularly handy cutting together footage or making memes, add a watermark to them.

If one goes viral, your username will be clearly visible and you could get hundreds if not thousands of people flocking to your page to check out what other memes, clips and bits you’ve got.

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