Humankind civics guide — Ideologies to improve the stability of your empire

As you build your empire in Humankind, you’ll notice that you can choose various civics. Your selection will mold certain aspects of your society. The bonuses might be small at first, but there are those that can be quite game-changing. Likewise, there are certain facets that affect your empire’s stability. Here’s our Humankind guide to help you with civics, stability, and picking the right ideologies as you expand further.

Note: This guide is based on the Victor OpenDev build, and we’ll update it accordingly as we get closer to the release date.


Humankind: Civics and stability guide – The ideologies that shape your society

Stabilizing your empire

After you’ve established your capital in Humankind, you’ll be able to acquire civic points. The points themselves are based on your empire’s stability. If you’ve got a few garrisons, world wonders, or certain civilization/culture-specific boosts, then you can have some extra points in no time.

As a tip, you can click on the civics button to show an overlay of the world map. This map mode tells you the influence of empires on various territories (i.e., lands can “flip” to another player’s sphere of influence).

Hmkd Civ Gd 1

Unlocking new civic dilemmas and the social aspects spectrum

To be frank, I’m actually uncertain how new civic dilemmas are unlocked. Sufficed to say, they seem to pop up randomly, though there might be specific unlock requirements for them.

What I do know is that once you’re prompted with a dilemma, you can see the aspects of your society that your choices can affect. You’ll even see a bar or slider with little pips.

AspectFirst OptionSecond Option
Social DynamicsCollectivism
+10% industry (cities/outposts)
+10% money (cities/outposts)
+10% food (cities/outposts)
+4% food per alliance (cities/outposts)
Ideal GovernmentLiberty
+4 influence (territories)
+4 turns before being converted by another’s influence (territories)
+4 faith (territories)
+10% science (territories)

Note 1: Depending on the option you choose for the civic, you’ll either move to the left or right of the spectrum. The leftmost and rightmost pips allow you to gain the maximum possible yields cited above.

Note 2: However, if you try to stay close to the middle of the spectrum, you’ll gain a stability bonus plus a fraction of the benefit. For instance, if you start leaning towards “Individualism,” but not enough to reach the rightmost edge, then you could get +10 stability and +3 money (cities/outposts).

Hmkd Civ Gd 2

Choosing your civics

If you’re worried about your empire’s stability, then try to choose your civics well. Bear in mind that certain choices will push you towards the extreme edges of the spectrum. It’s possible to lose the benefits to stability if your society is too focused on a particular mindset.

Anyway, here are the civics in Humankind and the particular category that they’re part of. The list is actually incomplete since I haven’t found a way to unlock the others yet.

CategoryCivic DilemmaFirst OptionSecond Option
Ministry and PoliticsFounding MythsNatural Right
+5 influence on main plaza
Divine Mandate
+5 faith on holy site
LeadershipSmall Council
+1 city cap
+1 city cap
Laws, Crime, and Civil IssuesLegitimacyCustomary Laws
Applies “celebrating” status on new cities
-20% costs to attach outpost and absorb city actions
MilitaryArmy CompositionConscripts
-20% unit industry cost
Professional Soldiers
+1 combat strength
Independent PeoplesMercenary Armies
-20% hire army cost
Assimilated Peoples
-20% assimilate cost
Army WagesPaid Wages
+50% money and -4 combat strength from ransacking (army)
Plundered Wages
-50% money and +4 combat strength from ransacking (army)
Public Spending and InvestmentFundamental ValuesPublic Security
-50% health infrastructures industry cost
Public Happiness
-50% entertainment infrastructures industry cost
Land RightsCommunal Land
-20% create outpost cost
Inherited Land
Allows you to claim, attach, and merge territories using money instead of influence
Knowledge AuthoritiesElders’ Wisdom
+1 science per researcher (cities/outposts)
Foreign Innovations
+1 science per number of trade routes (cities/outposts)
Industrial ProductionNationalized Industries
+1 farmers slot per Farmers Quarter (cities/outposts)
Privatized Industries
+1 traders slot per Market Quarter (cities/outposts)
Day-to-day LifeSlavesCriminal Slaves
+1 industry in Commons Quarter
War Slaves
+1 bonus population when ransacking
Cultural Issues and ArtCultural BlessingMonoculturalism
+5 turns before being converted by another empire’s influence (territories)
+5 influence on main plaza
Press FreedomFreedom of Speech
+20% civic points net
Prevents any empire revolution
Religious BeliefsReligious RitesCommunal Rites
Unlocks “procession” action
Personal Rites
-10% religious district industry cost
Religious ToleranceOpen-Minded
+5 influence on territories if they follow your state religion
Religious Hostility
+5 faith on territories under a religion’s influence; unlocks “heresy” action
Scientific FactsCompatibilism
+5 science on holy sites
+2 faith on holy sites
Become immune to religious grievances from other empires; all religious civics are locked and invested civics points are reimbursed
State Atheism
-75% foreign religion strength bonus;
+25% faith on territories that follow your state religion; all religious civics are locked and invested civics points are reimbursed

Humankind Civics Stability Guide 1

Here are some key civics to take note of:

  • Founding Myths (Natural Right), Religious Tolerance (Open-Minded), and Cultural Blessing (Multiculturalism) are important if you wish to have a higher influence generation.
  • Knowledge Authorities (Elders’ Wisdom) and Scientific Facts (Compatibilism) are great for extra science.
  • Army Composition (Professional Soldiers) does help a little bit to make units beefier.
  • As for the Irreligion dilemma, both options will actually lock all religious civics you’ve selected while refunding the points you’ve used beforehand. You’ll also lose the benefits from these civics.

Humankind Civics Stability Guide 2

Humankind will release via Steam on August 17.

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