Genshin Impact Bug Allows Players to Farm Regional Resources Way Quicker than Before


Update 1.4 is a pretty exciting one for Genshin Impact players as it introduces the new Windblume event set in Mondstadt. Along with the event itself, there’s also a new bug present in the game that allows players to farm resources quickly, and you’re gonna want to take advantage of this before it gets patched.

Essentially, with the new update, players can harvest all of the Silk Flowers and Glaze Lilies at Liyue Harbor for instance, then teleport away and back to the same location, and all of the resources will be back and ready for harvesting yet again. Ordinarily, you’d need to wait two to three days for these resources to respawn, which made leveling characters a bit of a tedious process especially if you didn’t farm them early enough in advance.

With this bug, players should be able to harvest materials extremely quickly. It’s worth noting that the teleportation method will only work on one instance, so if you’ve taken all the Silk Flowers and Glaze Lilies at Liyue Harbor and teleported back to harvest them again, you won’t be able to teleport away and back to get them to spawn a second time. However, according to the Reddit community, the resources will respawn in 24 hours, which is still a way shorter waiting period than usual.

MiHoYo is already aware of this bug and have stated that the developers are looking into patching it, so you’ll probably want to take advantage of this bug before it’s gone.

Genshin Impact is now available on PC and mobile devices.

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