Elder Scrolls Online Jester’s Festival Starts March 25th

Zenimax have announced the dates for the next Jester’s Festival, which celebrates the spirit of April Fools, but also rewarding players with an XP buff, event tickets, style pages and more.

Elder Scrolls Online Jester’s Festival Starts March 25th

Get your fill of pie throwing as the Elder Scrolls Online Jester’s Festival is back, with plenty of rewards to boot. The Jester’s Festival is available to Elder Scrolls Online players from Thursday March 25th at 10AM EDT until Thursday, April 1 at 10AM EDT. Travel to the pavilions which are located in Ebonheart, Vulkhel Guard and Daggerfall. Once you reach the event area you will need to talk to any of the three Jesters who are dressed up as Skald-King, Queen Ayrenn or the High King Emeric.

Be sure to take advantage of the 100% XP boost while completing the absurd Jester’s Festival quests.

This year things are a little different as there are three brand-new daily quests available:

New Daily Event Quests

  • A Foe Most Porcine, acquired from any of the three Jester’s Festival tents or Hammerdeath Arena
    • If not already there, this quest will point you toward Hammerdeath Arena
  • The King’s Spoils, acquired within Hammerdeath Arena
  • Prankster’s Carnival, acquired from the Jester’s Festival tent in Stonefalls


It wouldn’t be an ESO event without some rewards up for grabs, after completing a Jester’s daily quest you will gain a Jester’s Festival Reward Box. These will contain a range of amusing consumables, recipes, valuable items and furnishings. The first daily Jester quest to be completed each day will grant you a Jester’s Festival Stupendous Box instead (regardless of character)! Rewards include:

  • Cadwell’s Kitchen Arms Style Pages
  • Fragments of two Mementos: the Festive Noise Maker or Jester’s Festival Joke Popper
  • Jokey Stealies to sell to vendors
  • Runeboxes containing the Cherry Blossom Branch or Jester’s Scintillator mementos
  • Fragments of the Sovereign Sow pet
  • NEW Regal Regalia Outfit Style Pages
  • NEW Fragments of the Playful Prankster’s Surprise Box memento
    • These fragments have a higher chance of dropping in Stupendous Reward Boxes than they do in regular ones.

Even after you’re earned yourself a Stupendous Reward Box, you can continue to complete the other daily quests, and gain Regular Boxes too.

There are also special Jester’s Festival Achievements to gain by throwing pies at your friends and other players. Add the Revelry Pies to your quickbar, and unleash pie pandemonium while gaining some event achievements:

  • The Three Fillings War—Throw 10 Pies at players that are in a different Alliance
  • The Upper Crust—Throw a pie at each of the Alliance Leaders
  • More Than You Can Chew—Throw 10 Pies at Guards
  • Dessert Domination—Complete the above Achievements
  • Messy Business—Kill 10 players while they are covered in pie in Cyrodiil

Completing the event Achievements will also grant you the “Tin Soldier” and “Empieror” titles and the Obnoxious Mute Face Paint head marking. Also up for grabs is the Crown of Misrule hat and Lord/Lady of Misrule title, which can be earned by completing the three original daily quests or the Royal Jester title, and gain some furnishings by completing every Jester’s Festival Achievement.

Event Tickets

Taking part in the Jester’s Festival will also grant you Event Tickets which go towards buying the Unstable Morpholith base fragments and other fragments. You can find all the wares that The Impresario will stock this event below:

  • Unstable Morpholith base fragments
    • Including the Deadlands Flint, Rune-Etched Striker, and Smoldering Bloodgrass Tinder
    • For more on morphing collectibles, check out this guide
  • All three Deadlands Scorcher Skin fragments
    • Including the Rune-Scribed Daedra Hide, Rune-Scribed Daedra Sleeve, and the new Rune-Scribed Daedra Veil
  • Regal Regalia Outfit Style pages
  • Sovereign Sow Collectible fragments
  • Group Repair Kits

This will be the last event that will give your the final fragment for the Deadlands Scorcher Skin, so get while you can. The next event will be the first fragment for a new reward.

Deadlands Scorcher Skin

Crown Store Items

There are returning and new items available in the Crown Store during the festival, which include the Regal Regalia weapons and Prince Boar Pet:

Recently ESO also rolled out the latest patch Update 29, which added a new Champion System, plus the latest dungeon DLC Flames of Ambition.

Don’t forget to drop by our Elder Scrolls Online wiki for more info on classes, recent Champion System changes, Weapons, Armor and more.

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